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Stylishly blending classical instrumentation with a clear contemporary edge, Dallas-based violinist Clover elevates the traditional flavors of violin, with a refreshingly creative approach that consistently raises the bar.

Born Gabrielle Clover, the artist was gifted access to a plethora of musical instruments during childhood. Piano and violin lessons started at 9 years old, on a journey that would later earn her a scholarship at a prominent Florida preparatory school, and see her competing at the state level. Her early infatuation for classical concertos and serenading audiences would ultimately ignite a lifelong passion for music, with alternative genres and an ability to play by ear later taking the reins; for a truly versatile sound.

Despite her passions, giving such commitment early on meant that burn out would soon take its toll. Her college days included a 6 year hiatus from playing, during which time Clover studied Psychology and tried her hand at a more traditional profession. In the end, music called her back, and in 2017 the artist began to set her sights on open mic events, with paid gigs following about a year later. Clover would also go on to work as Orchestra Director for 3 years, teaching 6-12th grade students at a Dallas-based charter school.

Now, backed by years of experience on stages across the US, from Dallas to Houston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, New York City, Miami and beyond, Clover boasts a repertoire including renowned wedding venues like Knotting Hill Place and The Olana. The refined musician has also worked alongside and partnered with prestigious outlets such as AT&T, The African American Museum of Dallas, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, and major hospital systems in the metroplex.

Additionally skilled at percussion and DJing, Clover’s live performances commonly feature electric violin and a complex multi-effects guitar pedal set-up – allowing for a uniquely contemporary fusion of genres. Utilizing influences from hip-hop to R&B, pop, EDM, jazz, gospel and even afrobeats, her freely expressive style breathes new life into the modern scene. A limitless knowledge of music’s history permits an unrivaled ability to take any song request and artistically customize it, as per the requirements of each client or event.

Currently devoted to studio session work, alongside performing at weddings and private events, Clover is also focused on building her brand and social media presence on streaming platforms. Her audience has grown exponentially in recent years, already reaching tens of thousands across the board. Though far from the beginning of her journey, the release of her 2022 EP will no doubt mark the start of mighty new chapter. Her mission remains a driving force – to deliver uniquely breathtaking violin experiences, for audiences far and wide.

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