Clover isn’t your typical violinist, as she’ll tell you.  “I want people to shift their perspectives on old traditions.  To encourage people to take something they know and love, and truly know that they can make it their own.”

Having a lifelong love for music, the Dallas-based violinist adds a contemporary edge to a classical instrument.  Clover was introduced to a variety of musical instruments at a very young age, and began formally taking piano and violin lessons in early childhood.  From there, her passion for music blossomed even more as she began competing at the state level with her violin, and joining just about every music activity she could.

From stringing along beautiful concertos in the orchestra, to serenading audiences in choir, and even marching out onto the football field with her snare drum in the drumline, Clover had found joy in just about every aspect of music she encountered. Seeking to have more variety in her performances as she got older, she began teaching herself to play by ear. Clover always enjoyed jamming to her favorite songs, but wanted to be able to play them with her own touch as well.

In 2018, Clover decided to pursue her passions for music full-time. Investing in an electric violin, a multi-effects pedal, and small speaker, she strove to take her creativity to the next level. Currently, you can find Clover performing at a variety of venues and events, both locally and abroad.  She has serenaded the likes of Michelin Star restaurants, beautiful wedding venues, museums, festivals, and more intimate, private affairs. Her mission remains clear: she always strives to bring her audience the most unique and beautiful listening experience with her violin.